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Australia 2014 - Day 32 and 33 - Coffs Harbour, Dorrigo National Park

After I had captured the beautiful sunrise on the beach of Byron Bay, I made my standard breakfast which consist of a fresh fruit salad coffee and toast on the caravan park, packed my baggage to start into direction Coffs Harbour, the banana capital of Australia.

It was a trip from 239 km and should took at least approximately 3 h. But I wanted to make a stop in Ballina and Yamba, so I planned more time the the time Googla Maps has figured out for me.

after 30 minutes I reached Ballina. Ballina was a typical a bit boring city but with a beautiful beach like you can see often on the east coast. Si didn't spend a lot of time there, but had a small break there.

So I continued my day trip to my next break in Yamba and Angourie.

Because of Yamba was a avarage touristic austrlaien city with a big marina I continued to a smaller village called Angourie. Angourie is a small coastal village in the Clarence Valley Council of New South Wales, Australia. A local attraction of note is the group of blue and green pools, freshwater pools created when the old quarries hit underground springs. The story goes that the miners working on the quarries went home one night and came back the next morning to find the quarries filled with water. The pools are less than 20 metres from the ocean, and the two bodies of water are separated by mounds of quarried rock and earth.

The pools were quite interesting, but I recognized the the weather was getting more worse, so that i decided to stay not so long and to continue my trip to Coffs Harbour very quickly. So I went back to the M1 or the Pacific Highway.

On the further way I was driving at least one hour into a really large thunderstorm cloud, I have never seen before, which was floating from the coast to the mainland. I was hoping that I won't reach the storm. And I had luck. Whether it was raining a little bit on my drive I was reprieved from the thunderstorm.

So I reached Coffs Harbour on my chosen caravan park approximately at 5.30 o'clock pm. After my arrival I went very quickly to the beach and captured a photo of the rest of the thunderstorm in the sky, which were magnificent.

Beach of Coffs Harbour

I spent only one night in Coffs Harbour. It seems to me that Coffs Harbour wasn't so interesting to spent more time here. But I visited at least the Big Banana, which is a famous landmark of Coffs Harbour, because the city will be called as the Banana Capital of Australia.

The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour, NSWThe Big Banana is a tourist attraction and amusement park in the city of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia.

My next goal on the next day should be Dorrigo in the Dorrigo National Park. So my way leads me back from the coast to the Hinterland again.

My first break on the way to Dorrigo was Bellingen.

Main street in BellingenBellingen is a small town (pop 3,038)[1] on Waterfall Way on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Bellingen is a small town  on Waterfall Way on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. It is approximately halfway between the major Australian cities of Sydney and Brisbane. 

Old warhouse in BellingenBellingen is approximately halfway between the major Australian cities of Sydney and Brisbane.

It is the seat of Bellingen Shire and has a mixture of valley, plateau and coastal environments. Bellingen was a small but beautiful city. It seemed to me that the people I watched on the main street haven't got much stress. The buildings and warehouse looks very pretty.

Old jewish warehouse in Bellingen

And the end of the main street were a really pretty cafe located. I stopped there because I read in my Lonely Planet travel guide about a cafe which was located on a steep slope.

Lodge 241 in BellingenLodge 241 Gallery Café is an institution that stands alone as one of Bellingen's most significant and unique historical landmarks, and as an award winning café at both local and regional level.

I was the only guest there and ordered a sandwich a cappucino there and a had a nice small talk with the waitress there about my travel and about the nice city Bellingen.

After the short break I continued my trip on windy streets through subtropical rainforest to my goal Dorrigo in the Dorrigo National Park.

On a caravan park in Dorrigo I booked  my campsite and continued my trip on the waterfall way to the Ebor Falls.

The journey across the Dorrigo Plateau to the falls was quite spectacular.

Dorrigo PlateauThe Dorrigo Plateau is a plateau in the Northern Tablelands and New England regions of New South Wales, Australia.

 The Dorrigo Plateau is a plateau in the Northern Tablelands and New England regions of New South Wales, Australia. 

Pasture area on the Dorrigo PlateauThis World Heritage listed national park is an area of exceptional natural beauty and is one of Australia's most accessible rainforests.

The plateau forms part of the Great Dividing Range and is sometimes referred to as the Dorrigo and Guy Fawkes Plateau.

View from the Dorrogo PlateauThe park encompasses 11,732 hectares of the Great Escarpment of the Dorrigo Plateau and is located an hour's drive west of Coffs Harbour.

Finally I arrived the Ebor Falls in the late afternoon. Unfortunality there was only a access to the waterfall from above. But it was worth to take a photo of it.

Ebor falls, Waterfall Way, Dorrigo National ParkEbor Falls is a cascade waterfall on the Guy Fawkes River, located near Ebor and about 37 kilometres (23 mi) north-east of Wollomombi on Waterfall Way in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia.

After one hour there, I went back to whole way of 85 km back to Dorrigo, where I had a delicious pub meal a pizza called "everything from all" in the crowded pub.

Main street of DorrigoDorrigo is a small country town on the Waterfall Way in New South Wales. It is about an hours drive from Coffs Harbour or one hour 45mins from Armidale along a beautiful route passing lots of waterfalls and national parks.

A Dinner in a really typical pub in the  village called Dorringo, where tourists are get lost seldom, whether this is the Dorringo National Park on the Waterfall Way, is very interesting But the tourist here are staying  rather on the Caravan Parks than in the local pub. But I am a traveller and went in the local pub. In one case I was wondering, all the guest are drinking beer and I guess there weren't  going by feet at home. So they have to drive drunken to home. A pub or Hotel, how it called it in Australia, in a small village is more then a place where you can have a drink. I think it's the living room of the community where you can have a beer or course, but you can watch Big Brother on a big screen too have dinner in the evening too, your children if you have some are playing in a playground room, so that they don't do monkeyshines. And at least I think they have elected Tony Abott in the last election of Australia.

I slept very well after the dinner and two beers on the campsite in my camper van.

On the next day I had my breakfast usually on the campsite in the morning sun and with a lot of different birds around myself. It was really wonderful morning mood in the upcoming sun with a tasty breakfast. 

After my breakfast, I prepared my car to visit the Dangar falls on the other end of the city Dorrigo.

Dangar Falls in the early morningThe Dangar Falls is a cascade waterfall located across the Bielsdown River about 1.2 km (0.7 mi) north of Dorrigo in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia.[1]

I was the only person there, so I had enough time and silence to make from this small but beautiful waterfall.

Dangar waterfall, Dorrigo National Park, NSW

On my way back from the Dorrigo National Park to the coast, I made a short visit on the Rainforest Visitor Center of Dorrigo and walked a small track of 4 km through the rain forrest there.

Walking track rain forest, Dorrigo National ParkDorrigo National Park, part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area offers stunning scenery that has been millions of years in the making

And had a great view over the rain forrest valley from the look out there.

Me enjoying the look out of the Rain Forrest Visitor Center in Dorrigo Rainforest Centre is the best place to get great tips and advice on planning your visit to the park, including which walking tracks will best suit your needs.

After this it was time to go back to the coast to South West Rocks.

But I couldnt resit to make a last stop at the Griffiths Lookout - Dorrigo Mountain Top.

Griffiths Lookout - Dorrigo Mountain Top

This was a really beautiful Good Bye of the Dorrigo National Park.

Cow on a pasture on the Griffiths Lookout - Dorrigo Mountain Top