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Australia 2014 - Day 29, 30 and 31 - Byron Bay

The arrival in Byron Bay was amazing. At first the glooming sunset on the beach, then I found a nice caravan on the beach and at last the city has got a special wibe, like every travel guide described.

After I parked my car on my campsite, I was longing for something to have for dinner. So I went to the main street which was only a few meters far away from the caravan park and the beach too. From young french backpacker over german couples to aged hippies you could find a wide mixture of different people who were walking through the street. And it seems to me that they had all a smile in their faces, were joking or laughing. There were also beside the bars, pubs and restaurants a lot of shops for surfer wears i the street too.

After a 30 minutes walk through the inner city I have found a nice restaurant close to the beach. I ordered fish and chips an a pale ale and was happy to sit and relax and to watch all the different people who were walking by my table. Two women and two guys were sitting next to me. The woman were wearing light summer dresses with a touch of the passed hippie fashion and the man have had longer hairs, were tanned and were looking like typical mid aged surfer boys. They were talking, joking and laughing very loud and making selfies from themselves and from friends who were walking by during I have my fish and ships. I enjoyed it very much to watch these happy people, to get sated from the tasty fish and chips, to get a little bit tipsy from my beer in this warm and really relaxed atmosphere in Byron Bay. 

I decided to stay 2 nights on this very beautiful place on earth to relax on the beach the next day.

After a few hours on the beach on the next day I wanted visit the most easterly point of Australia and the lighthouse of Byron Bay. I packed my photo equipment and walked to my destination in the late  afternoon. But I underestimated the distance from my caravan park to the lighthouse a little bit, especially in the heat of the this sunny afternoon. But nevertheless I enjoyed the walk at first along the Apex Park then along  the beach and then up to the hill of the lighthouse. Fortunenality I hadn't to walk the whole way because suddenly  a car stopped beside me while I was climbing the steep street and y young guy was jumping out the car and asked me if I need a lift to the lighthouse hill. I was really surprised about so much kindness. I hesitated a little bit to assume  his offer as I saw the the backbench was occupied from two young girls already and I saw problems to get in the car with my large legs and my huge camera bag. But as I recognized there was a will of the two very friendly girls to move together, I jumped in the car too. The two girls were from Germany too, so we had a small talk about from where we came and  to where we wanted to go in Australia. After only a few minutes we reached the top of the hill. I was thanking the guy for the short lift and wished the girls a good time in Australia further. And I saved another nice  anecdote in my mind.

Reached at the top the beautiful lighthouse of Byron Bay, which was standing on the top the cliff coast was welcoming me. 

Lighthouse of Byron Bay

Constructed of prefabricated concrete blocks in 1901, the Cape Byron Lighthouse stands on the most easterly point of the Australian mainland and is Australia's most easterly lighthouse. 

View to the lighthouse of Byron Bay

It is built in the James Barnet style, by his successor, Charles Harding. James Barnet, the New South Wales colonial architect, was renown for his towers having large ornate crowns and are easily distinguished.

Lighthouse of Byron BayCape Byron is the most easterly point of the Australian mainland, and forms part of Bundjalung Aboriginal country, which covers roughly the area from Tweed Heads in the north to Grafton in the south, and west to Tabulam and Baryulgil.

The first-order optical lens, which weighs 8 tons, was made by the French company, Societe des Establishment, Henry Lepante, Paris. It contains 760 pieces of highly polished prismatic glass. The original concentric six wick burner was 145,000 cd. This was replaced in 1922 by a vapourised kerosene mantle burner which gave an illumination of 500,000 cd.

After I had spend  some time at the lighthouse I was walking slowly down the road when I saw a great lookout on the other side on the hill.

View to the Tallow Bay from the Lighthouse in the late afternoonByron Bay is a beachside town located in the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales, Australia.

And then I explored a track called Cape Byron Walking Track in the late afternoon. I was looking for a good location for the evening so walked the track through coast bush and forrest down to the rocks to the most easterly point of the mainland of Australia, where the waves were crushing against it. 

Cliff coast close by the lighthouse of Byron Bay

And it was worth it. 

Rocks on the most eastern point of Australia

I jumped over the fences of the look out on the feet of the cliff coast to get a good place for my captures I wanted to do.

The most eastern point of Australia

And it was really an amazing place. I was impressed of the color of the rocks and especially how the wind and the water has formed this beautiful shapes and colors.

View to Byron Bay from the most easterly point of AustraliaCape Byron is Australia's most easterly point, 153° 39´ east, located on the north coast of New South Wales (see map of Australia below). With its numerous beaches, unspoilt hinterland, and relaxed lifestyle, Byron Bay is a popular tourist destination.

I think I spend at least three hours there and I forgot the time when I was taking my photos there.

Satisfied from this walking trip I walked back to my caravan park, had dinner in the city and slept later very well in my bed. 

I had to get early in the next day, because I wanted to make some captures from the sunrise  at the Byron Bay Beach. I don't like to get up early, but sometime I had to do it. I think I was alone on the empty beach. So I had all calmness to prepare my tripod and camera. But again it was it worth to how you can see on the next photo.

Sunrise on the beach of Byron Bay