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Australia 2014 - Day 24 - 27 - Australia 2014 - Brisbane

After a good sleep in my luxury B&B in Darwin it was time to pack my luggage and to prepare myself for the flight to Brisbane.

B&B in Darwin, NT

I asked my host, who was an elder woman maybe in the 60ties, if i could stay in their house until the taxi will pick up me. She wasn't really amused, because she wanted to go to the golf course with her husband. I was wondering a little bit how a human being could go to a golf course an make a game there by 38 degrees and a humidity of 70% but don't have understand everything. After I asserted her that I will lock every door of her house she was willing in that i could stay here.

After my arrival on the airport which wasnt far away from my last B&B I had a little bit trouble on the checkin because I had bought an additional piece of baggage because of my baggage has got overweight for domestic flights. I knew that it isn't the same after I had asked an employee of Quantas for another flight before. But this was Virgin. But the checkin assistance was obliging and checked in my luggage wit jour charging an extra fee.

The flight to Brisbane took 4 hours and I was flying across the large continent once again. I wrote Duncan an ameil beef my start when I will have arrived in Brisbane and asked him how I could get to his B&B which i have book before in Germany. He responded that i could choose the Airtrain or a taxi.

After the landing of my plane with an amazing view on the colorful illuminated CBD of Brisbane at around 7 o'clock pm I chose the Airtrain to get to the Roma Station because it was much more cheaper than a taxi and it was a good connection.

My host gave me a warm welcome in their lovely house. It was pretty beautiful cottage in a suburb called Petri Terrace.

QCottage in BrisbaneQcottage is a heritage listed, Queenslander period cottage, located on the fringe of Brisbane’s CBD in sunny Queensland, Australia, offering generous B&B accommodation

After I dropped of my luggage I went to the Caxton Street which were close by my accommodation to have something for dinner. Duncan was recommending me to go there. I decided to go the the Brewski Bar with a large offer of different beers and ordered a pizza there.

Later in Germany I recognized that our chancellor Angela Merkel stepped in this pub too to welcome their guest and to make selfies with them. She stayed in a Hotel opposite the pub during the G20 3 weeks later.

On the next day I was planning to make a sightseeing tour through the CBD of Brisbane.

Brisbane Central Business DistrictThe Brisbane CBD is an area of densely concentrated skyscrapers and other buildings, interspersed by several parks such as Roma Street Parklands, City Botanic Gardens and Wickham Park.

But I reached only the Southbank on the Brisbane River. I felt the efforts of the last twenty days in the Red Center and in the Kakadu National Park in my body and my limbs. I was really exhausted traveling so much. So I decided to stay the whole afternoon on the riverside. After relaxing for 3 hours I did a little walk through the CBD but was happy to arrive my accommodation later.  

Goodwill Bridge in BrisbaneThe Goodwill Bridge is a pedestrian and cyclist bridge which spans the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Australia. The bridge connects the South Bank Parklands in South Brisbane to Gardens Point in the Brisbane CBD.

On the next day I picked up my camper from the rental station on the early afternoon ans was relaxing the rest of the day too. 

On Sunday I started a trip to the North Stradbroke Island which is located before the coast. I went there by car which takes around 40 km to Cleveland where you have to take a ferry to get to the island. Then it took another half of an hour to get there. Unfortunality we missed the bus, which should bring us to the other side of the island, because the ferry was 10 minutes to late. 

But an australian couple was so kind and offered us to give me and two chilean musicians a lift to the other side of the island. 

The other side of the island at Point Look Out was really beautiful. 

Lookout on North Stradbroke IslandNorth Stradbroke Island is just off the coast of Brisbane in Moreton Bay. It is a one hour drive from the Gold Coast or Brisbane international and domestic airports and 50 minutes from Brisbane city to vehicle and passenger ferries at Toondah Harbour, Cleveland.

After we have arrived there there weather was getting a little bit worse. But I couldnt stop walking on the coast line and went to amain lookout where the surge was crashing against the beach. 

Beach of North Stradbroke Island by stormy weatherStradbroke Island, also known as Minjerribah, was a large sand island that formed much of the eastern side of Moreton Bay near Brisbane, Queensland until the late 19th century. Today the island is split into two by the Jumpinpin Channel.

So I couldn't resist to unpack my photo equipement and take some longtime explore captures. While i was walking back to the bus station I came along a gras where a few kangaroos were sitting feeding gras. 

Kangaroo on North Stradebroke Island

The bus brought me back to the landing stage of the ferry in the late afternoon. Shortly before our arrival of the ferry in Cleveland the setting sund was performing a beautiful red colored painting in the sky. 

With the ferry back to Cleveland, QLD

My car wasn't standing far away from on a car park. But When i was starting my car I got a rude awakening. The car won't to start. Immediately I recognized that the battery was out of power. I didnt know why, because I only used the air condition wich i didn't turn off and didn't use the light before. But this want the question now. So I asked a man who was collecting his family on the car park. He was supporting me and told me that i need a jumper lead to start the engine of my car. But I didn't have such a device. I was getting a little bit nervous. But Then he asked another man on the same carpark for a jumper lead. And Thank God he had such a device and he had the same problem like me. So he helped me to start here engine so that I could ge back to my accommodation happily.