Berlin, Germany

Hagen Seyring - Photography

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  1. Camel stables

  2. The barracks

  3. Inside the camel stables

  4. Camel stables

  5. Blacksmith's Shop

  6. Post and Telegraph Office

  7. Trasmitter

  8. Radiotelegraphy device

  9. Telegraph equipement

  10. Another view at the Stationsmaster's Residence

  11. The Stationsmaster's Residence

  12. On the way to the Historic Telegraph Station

    It take me 1 1/2 h walk by 35 degree to get there from my accomodation

  13. Gosses Bluff

    The original crater is thought to have been formed by the impact of an asteroid or comet approximately 142.5 ± 0.8 million years a…

  14. Crossing a dried-out river bed of the Palm Greek

    Palm Creek flows into the Finke River from the west about 15 km (by track) south of Hermannsburg.

  15. My 4wd exams on the wayto Palm Valley

  16. The Simpsons Gap

    The area is an important spiritual site to the Arrernte Aboriginal people, where several dreaming trails and stories cross.

  17. Afternoon in the Simpsons Gap

    The Simpsons Gap area incorporates large areas of Mulga and is a major stronghold for over 40 rare and relict plants.

  18. Wallaby in the Simpsons Gap in the Simpsons Gap

    A wallaby is any animal belonging to the family Macropodidae that is smaller than a kangaroo and has not been designated otherwise…

  19. Wallaby in the Simpsons Gap

    The name "wallaby" comes from Dharug 'walabi' or 'waliba'. Young wallabies are known as "joeys", like many other marsupials.

  20. Larapinta Drive to the Simpsons Gap

  21. Larapinta Drive to the Simpsons Gap